hi everyone!

Its me, Laszlo Grant Roberts and I am here to tell you that I am having lots of fun at secondary school. I miss you guys a lot. I can’t decide what my favourite subject is. I hope my year 5/6 teachers are reading this message. I might send more in the future.

Next steps for our video skills

So far we’ve used videos and photos, transitions, as well as text and narration. You told us what makes good videos!

windows-movie-maker-2012-08-535x535Today we want to make video projects which include:

  • Photos and videos
  • Transitions
  • Text (title, captions, credits)
  • Narration

As well as adding in some new features:

  • Sound
  • Pan and zoom
  • Visual effects

Stock sound

Stock video

There are some downloaded to Pupil Shared > Videos as well as these…


Many vloggers use screen recording software to be able to show what they’re doing in a game, or talking through something they’re looking at on their computer. We’ve got a couple of ways of doing this:

  • CamStudio Lite (new shortcut on your desktop) – there’s an FAQ page here
  • MediaCore Capture (extension within Google Chrome) – there’s a help page here

Our next steps

This week we looked at adding:

  • Photos and videos
  • Transitions
  • Text (title, captions, credits)
  • Narration

to our videos.

Next week, we need to:

  • Check our list from this week to make sure we’ve done it all!
  • Add music (make sure it’s royalty free)
  • Work faster!
  • Add 2 captions to the same video/picture
  • Pan and zoom
  • Tinker with all the menu options to see if there are good features!

Making Videos

What does a good video look like?

What can we use to make our own?windows-movie-maker-2012-08-535x535

We’re going to use Windows Movie Maker to make our own. This is free with all Windows computers, so you can get it free at home if you haven’t already got it – remember to check with an adult first.

There’s a useful guide to Getting started with Windows Movie Maker

Some people have also shared tips on how to get some good effects with Movie Maker in various YouTube videos.


Where can we get stock videos from?

There are lots of websites where you can get stock videos from. Some of them you need to pay for, others you need to have an account with, and a few are free and easy! Here are some of the easiest ones I’ve found:

Today we want to make video projects which include:

  • Photos and videos
  • Transitions
  • Text (title, captions, credits)
  • Narration

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What’s Happening #2

And for my birthday, I would also like to have a pony, which poop rainbows and sparkl- oh, I didn’t see you there, um, I totally didn’t ask for a pony which poop rainbows and sparkles, yeah, um……….BYE!!

Hey people of the world, the names Lewis and today I’m gonna give you another dose of your monthly What’s Happening, so lets go! Only a few things are happening at this very moment of time, lets start with school. We are having a play (called Leavers) in mid-July, based on The Jungle Book, and guess what? Go on, guess! Oh fine, I’ll tell you, I’m playing as Colonel Hathi, yes, you read right, ME, playing Hathi! The next thing that’s happening is this festival coming up, called Manorwood Studios, and guess what? I’m the head organiser! Everything is going well for me at this moment of time now that I think about it. And the last thing that’s happening is a transition day for my new school (I’m not aloud to say, SOZ), we are having them on the 22nd of June, 27nd of June and last but not least, the 11th July!

Thanks for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it! There gone now, now, carrying on with my birthday list, a pony, a pink tutu, you’re still there? Oh gosh……

Residential 2016

Tomorrow we are leaving to go to residential! WOW! Its finally arrived. I’m really excited, especially because it’s really cool to stay somewhere, where your parents can’t come and you’re with your friends. We’re going to have SO much fun!! I can’t wait to go on the Zip Wire and Quad bike, their my favourite!! I’m nervous that I’m going to forget something that is really important, like my tooth brush I hope I don’t forget anything! We’re going to have a BLAST!!!!!!!

TOMORROW is coming!!!!!

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Our Residential Trip

Residential is when year 6 can go away to different places , but this year we are going to the Isle of Wight. We will be getting on a coach to Portsmouth then get on a ferry to Isle of Wight then back on a coach to Little Canada.  While we are there we will be do different activities such as Jacobs ladder,dragon boat racing,canoeing, kayoing ,Quad biking , Splash,All aboard and a disco for the last night.


This week on Friday 27th May 2016, whole of year would go to residential to the Isle of Wight, How amazing is that?

But before I talk all about how exciting I am, I would thank you to Miss Lowe, Miss Oakmen, Mrs Marney and Mr Lathia for organising the trip which most people NEVER EVER went and I hoping that it would be fantastic.

2 more days left, can’t wait! We are going to travel in a ferry and in a couch.

We would be doing lots of fun activities like: dragon boating, canoeing, zip wire, jacob’s ladder, quad biking and many more….

Can’t wait until residential it;s going to be FUN!!!


Y6 Residential, What’s It About?

On the 27th of May, 2016, almost the whole of Y6 goes on a trip to the Isle of Wight, how cool is that?! But before I start bragging about how HYPER I am, let me start of by saying thank you Miss Lowe, Mr Lathia, Miss Oakman and Miss Marney for organising this trip, even though I’ve never been, I know its going to be a awesome trip!

We are going to the Isle of Wight in two days and will be staying in cabins. We are also going to be doing a bucket load of activities such as Jacobs Ladder, zip lining, quad biking (my favourite) and dragon boat racing. I really can’t wait for residential, it’s going to be SO much fun!


Dutch language

hi mijn naam is Ayesha ik ben Elleven jaar oud en ik ben in nachtegaal klasse
i genieten P.E , kunst en litracy .
Mijn favoriet eten is kaas en ik ben zeer actief. Mijn favoriet couler is blauw en oranje en ik willen om te hangen met mijn vrienden.

see if you can work out what any of this means and coment to let me know!

The Queens Birthday!

Queen Elizabathe II is 90 years old today on the 21st of April, she is also the longest reighning Queen. Her majesty is very lucky as she celabrates two birthdays one on the 21st of April and one in june wich is called her official birthday. Queen Elizabathe celabrates her birthday in june as there will be nice whether for celabrations however she also celabrates on the 21st of April.This year the Queen will be going to windsor castle for her celabrations alongside the royal family. We wish her majesty a splendid birthday!

What dose it mean?

Mystery Skype is when you Skype a different class somewhere in the wold and you don’t no who it is and nether dose the teachers.So you need to ask loads of questions to find out where a outs they are. We use iPads to help us and also Atlesses

How have have we done? 

We have Skype many different classes. The first session we had we didn’t answer it full sentences so are teacher told us to improve in that so we did and then we got all different tips on how to inprove so we have got a lot better.

Hear are some pictures……..

  1. imageimageIMG_3875imageimageimageimage1088image


Mystery Skype

imageimageToday in ICT we did another Mystery Skype and found out they where in Iowa which is in North America USA. They where in fifth grade 10-11 and the same age as us. We enjoyed guessing where they lived and we hoped to do it again. Now we are better at reading maps and we have also learnt how other people around the world live. As some schools don’t have a school uniform, or some schools learn differently. I think that we could visit the places we Mystery Skyped with, and actually meet them.

Our mystery skype

Today my class have done a mystery Skype we had to figure out where the other class was. When you do things were you communicate it can boast your child confidence. Our class done the mystery Skype  using the atlas and iPad’s we asked different questions.

Our class really liked doing mystery Skype and we hope we do it again

Mystery Skype

what dose it mean?

it means we can socilice with people from the other side of the world and we can lean more about our life still compare to theirs.  

how have we done it?

our teacher has got hold of people from other country’s and set up a Skype session where we will not be told where they are and we have to guess by asking yes no question after we have guessed we will just talk to each other.

how have we benefited it?

It has benefited us because we have now got quite a bit of knowledge about different country’s all around the world so we can now know where abouts certain states/country’s are on a map or globe.

what do we want to do next?

we know it’s not going to happen but I would like to maybe meet them or just do more Skype session I would really like if this could be a weekly thing so maybe we could get around quite a few country’s.

I really hope you like my post



This is one of our mystery Skype session

This is one of our mystery Skype session

Mystery Skype

Today we Skype some different children’s from a different countrie we new straight away because they had a American acsent and the rubbish thing about it is that they always kept disconnecting becuase there internet wasn’ that good so they had to use a white board.. To answer our questions



Today we did a MysterySkype, we had two groups, group 1 and group 2. I was in group 1, we had a MysterySkype with people from America. They were in grade 5 (year 6). Their location was: NorthAmerica, U.S.A, Iowa.

By doing MysterSkype we have built confidence and learnt many Geography skills by asking simple questions.

This is one of the images from our MysterySkype

This is one of the images from our MysterySkype

Mystery Skype……


Today in ICT we did Mystery Skype this isn’t our first time but it was still fun! What we know about collaborating!

Collaborating means working together so in Mystery Skype we worked together helping to answer questions!

we worked together then got to guess country’s like KANSAS, HUNGARY!

We got more confident talking to other people who live In a different way to us.

NEXT TIME- We should answer in full sentences so it’s not rude!



Mystery skype?

Today we did another Mystery skype and we found out that they were in Iowa. We had lots of fun trying to find them. We benefited from this because we learnt how other people live and study and we are also much better at reading maps than we were before. We have successesfully found them and it means that we can find and locate people around the world. For me my next step would be to Mabye go and visit the places that I have found out about. I really enjoyed the mystery skype and I hope to do it again.imageimageimageimage


Mystery Skype!!!!!

Doing mystery Skype helps us to learn where places are in the world. So far we have skyped people in KANSAS, HUNGERY, IOWA AND NORTH CAROLINA. We have got more confident since the first Skype. We want to Skype people near China or in Australia for our next call. HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS OF OUR LAST SKYPE CALL!

A MysterySkype from Hungary

Some photos sent from our new friends in Hungary!

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Tashis adventure

“Hush, child. Lets go and get the medicinal herb that your mother needs to get better. But we need to hurry, she’s getting worse.” She called a gathering of the tea pickers.

“Ladies! Ladies! This is an emergency! I need your help. Tashi’s mother is sick and she needs a medicinal herb that is only to be found on top of the Wall of Stones.” Sonam pleaded.

“I’ll go with you.” Tara volunteered. Sonam’s friend Tara agreed to go and get the herb which was on top of the wall of stones. The two set off to find the herb for Tashi’s mother. “Come on,” Tara said. “We have to get that herb.” So they went further into the forest.Tashi thought that her aunt Sonam and Tara would be OK. Sonam and Tara felt brave as they went through the forest.

“Is Tashi all right?” Sonam and Tara thought.

The air was so hot, it made Tara and Sonam sweaty. The journey was harsh and stoney as they went along the path and they felt VERY exhausted!

“I feel so grateful to have you next to me,” Tara murmured. “we need to hurry, and get that herb for Tashi’s mother.”

“Tara, I know,” Sonam said, out of breath. “Don’t panic.” However, Sonam’s ideas seemed to be amazing and it might just work. But the burning heat seemed to rush through their bodies from the mid day sun.

“How long is this journey going to take?” Tara muttered, sweating in the punishing heat.

“We’re almost there, Tara,” Sonam pleaded. “not much further.” Exhaustion and dehydration swirled around their bodies. Dehydrated plants were all around them, and there was NO drop of water to be seen. Tara and Sonam’s eyes were tired, it felt like forever! The cracked ground was causing blisters as they stumbled on the path.

Even though Sonam and Tara felt exhausted, they stumbled on the cracked ground to a TERRIFYING door of thorns.

“What is that?!” Tashi asked worriedly.

“I think I know what it is,” Sonam replied. “it’s a door of thorns!” The door could lead to a spooky, eerie forest, (which had an ice-cold stream and thorny trees). What could be rustling behind the thorny door? Then Tashi touched the handle of the door.

“OUCH!!! OW, OW, OW” Tashi screamed.

“I hurt my hand!” Sonam saw her hand, it was dripping with blood.

“Hey let me have a look.” Sonam said, taking her nieces cut hand.

“I will collect a leaf from the damp forest floor and wrap your hand.”

She opened the door and stepped inside, the forest they went through the thorns they jumped into the cold stream.


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Tashi story so far by Paige!

“Hush my child lets go and get the medicinal herb that your mother needs to get better but we need to hurry she’s getting worse.” She called a gathering of the tea pickers “Ladies this is important can I have your attention put down your tea before it’s too late   .” shouted Sonam at the top of her voice .No one talked ,they needed to find the medicinal herb one way or a another but who will go ? The way was long and rocky and success could not be guaranteed   . Everyone was thinking of ways why not to go. Then suddenly  a worried voice came from the crowed …      “ I will go she is my mother .”Tashi said                                                                     “WHAT Tashi she can’t even find a grain of sand on a beach. “Another voice shouted. Shocked filled the air with a thousand tea bushes around them . She wanted to show them what she could do and set off…….  “oh no I’m going to regret this …”

Initially sonam’s idea had seemed to be the solution, however, now they have found them self-pushing their feet under the scorching sun , regret span around them .”I’m so glad I have you beside me why does this to last so long? “murmured Tashi as she slumped in a crack in the road seeking some well needed shade it seemed to be getting hotter ” I wish to find the herb your mother needs “ Sonam said I minute felt like a day dehydration enveloped not a drop of water could not  be seen an although the thought of giving up Tashi remembered this is for mother.

Before they knew it Tashi was pushing her feet in front of her whilst begging for sleep. A sudden shriek woke them up. Split second later, Tashi stopped and they were un aware of were they were. “We have no chance now !”   She said with dry, cracked lips. She felt like a disappointment standing under the scorching, bright sun.     “STOP” BELLOWED Sonam at the top of her voice “We are going to do this”  with there blurred eyes they saw what they needed a widely opened cave for shade. Hours past darkness filled the room to there surprise a bolder had blocked the entrance to the cave . What would they do now  ?

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Mystery Skype in Nightingale class

On Tuesday, Nightingale class Mystery Skyped a class in Kansas.

We had to guess where the class was in the world.

We got them first.

Here is some questions and the answers we asked them and got:

Q: Are you in the Northern hemisphere?

A:Yes we are in the Northern hemisphere.

Q:Are you In The USA?

A: Yes we are in the USA.

Q: Are you near the Mexican border?

A: No were more of in the Centre of The USA.

Q: Are you North of Colorado?

A: No were not north of Colorado.

Q:Are you East of Colorado then?

A: Yes were East of Colorado

Q: Are you in Kansas?

A: Yes we are in Kansas

Then we started hearing some of their personalities

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World Book Day

World book day is when everyone dresses up as a character from there favourite book.

Everyone comes in to school and does different activities in different classes every year in the school is mixed up . Lots of people dress up in different costumes some people dress up in something similar to someone else .

What are you going to be for World Book Day.

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Our School

This is our nursery playground

This is our nursery playground



Our school kitchen

This is our school kitchen, it is where we do cooking.

This is our school kitchen, it is where we do cooking.


Connect, Communicate & Collaborate


How should we communicate and collaborate with other people?

We want to make a list of great people to communicate and collaborate with. This could be with other classes, schools, teachers, authors and writers, or anyone else! Leave a comment with links to who you think we should get in touch with.

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North America


Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Is Located on the edge of USA – Canada

Length of brink:  1060 feet /323.08 meters

Height:  176 feet / 53.6 meters (due to rocks at the base actual fall is 70 feet/ 21.3 meters)

Volume of water: 150,000 U.S. Gallons / 567,811 Liters per second

Niagara Falls, city in the Regional Municipality of Niagara, southeastern Ontario, Canada, a port on the Niagara River opposite Niagara Falls, New York. The city overlooks the Horseshoe, or Canadian, Falls cataract of Niagara Falls; the crescent-shaped cataract is 54 M (177 ft) high and carries nine times more water than its United States counterpart. Niagara Falls is an enormously popular tourist destination, and it also serves as a major source of electricity for Ontario.
In September 1998, the Ontario Casino Corporation publicly announced that Falls Management Company will be thepermanent operators of Casino Niagara. Falls Management Company, unveiled their plans for the permanent casinofor Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada – including a 350 room Hyatt Hotel, convention centre, world-class retail mall andentertainment centre
82,997 (2011)

For meanings of Words see them in bold

the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container.
e.g  “the sewer could not cope with the volume of rainwater”
the extreme edge of land before a steep slope or a body or water.
“the brink of the cliffs”


see if you can solve these riddles:

  1. I have a head of a cat I have feet of a cat but I am not a cat what am I?

2. He has married many women but he has never been married what is he?

3. If two’s company and three’s a crowd what is four and five?

4. If you have it, You want to share it. If you share it, you won’t have it. What is it?




Niagara falls

The Niagara Falls is one of the most iconic landmarks in the whole world and is truly one of the most beautiful too. The Niagara falls is located on the border of Ontario, Canada and New York, USA.The Niagara Falls are made up of 3 waterfalls, the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.The 3 waterfalls combine to produce the highest flow rate of any waterfall on earth and have the largest vertical drop wich is over 165 feet. The Niagara Falls were created by glacier activity around 10000 years ago. The Niagara Falls is also a hydropower producing large amounts of electricity. Scientists believe that the Niagara Falls will be gone in 50000 years because of erosion. surprisingly there is a small island in between horseshoe falls and bridal veil falls called Goat island.      

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is basically a 277 mile (446km) long rock formation, made by a river, also known as the Colorado River. The Canyon is located in Arizona, USA, and is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. At its narrowest point it stretches 4 miles (6.4 kilometres) across and at its widest point it stretches 18 miles (28km) across. The Grand Canyon is around 6000 (1800 metres) feet deep and the rock found at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (schist) is around 2 billion years old.

In September of 1540, Captain Garcia Lopez de Cardenas, exploring at the orders of conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon with a small group of Spanish soldiers and their Hopi guides, at that time, the group “founded” the Grand Canyon we know and love today. That’s all about the Grand Canyon, here are some pictures!

Death Valley

I like Death Valley because it is extremely hot and it is one of the hottest places in the U.S.A ,it is  around  24 degrees right now.It has huge amounts of sand like big styled pyramids with deep sunken, fascinating holes. There are 5 hotels that you can consider for Death Valley but most people prefer to camp. Death Valley is home to over 35 different species of animals, including the Pupfish which only lives in Death Valley.The Badwater Death Valley region is approximately 36 meters deep, or -282 feet below sea level. Death Valley camp grounds has a maximum of 150,000 people at one time. Humans made their mark in Death Valley at least 9,000 years ago, with rock art and other artifacts left behind as evidence.The average yearly rainfall is 2.36 inches. Death Valley is the largest national park in the contiguous United States with around 3.4 million acres. Many scenes in the original “Star Wars” trilogy were filmed in Death Valley. Death Valley saw more than one million visitors in 2014 .And did you know that hedgehog cactus often grow at over 3,000 feet.And also i love Death valley because you can get a nice suntan – but remember your sun cream!

North America

In Geography we have focussed on North America…..this week we have been looking at some of the geographical features within the Northern America

Choose your favourite and research!

Rockies – Canada

Death Valley – USA
death valley

Grand Canyon – USA
grand canyon

Niagara Falls – USA/Canada
Niagara Falls

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Mississippi River by Kiera

In Geography we have been learning about countries in North America and we have all chosen a place to research. I chosen the Mississippi River…so here are some facts about the Mississipppi river.                                                                                          

The Mississippi River is in Mississippi, it is about 2320 miles and at its widest point it is over seven miles width. The first bridge built over the Mississippi River was in 1855 and the first railway a year after in 1856.

Grand Canyon

In geography we are learning about North America. In our lesson today we learnt about some of the key land marks. I picked to learn about the Grand Canyon so here are some facts:

Many people consider it one of the 7 wonders of the world:

– It is all naturally made

– It is 277 miles in length

– The Colorado river runs through the centre of it

There are some facts about the Grand Canyon.


Niagara Falls information

The Niagara Falls are located on the border of Ontario, Canada and New York, USA and they are made out of 3 waterfalls, the American Falls, Horseshoe Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The Horseshoe Falls are the largest and the Bridal Falls are the smallest. The highest vertical drop is over 165 feet (50 metres). The Niagara River drains water from Lake Erie intoLake Ontario. Goat Island sits in the middle of Niagara Falls, between Horseshoe and Bridal Falls, a monument dedicated to Serbian- American inventor Nikola Tesla, sits on Goat Island.

At the Niagara Falls it is illegal and not very smart to go over the Niagara Falls however, lots of people tried it, some of them survived, some injured themselves and some were killed. 

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I.C.T session in miss lowe’s class SCRATCH








  1. i can now change “sprites” name
  2. i am proud of completing my dance and not giving up







imageIn our ICT lesson we used Scratch to program a dance out of these three song dances “Watch me”, “Cha cha slide” and “Saturday night”.

What can you program the computer to do now?

I can change characters costume

I can use speech

I can repeat and rotate different  commands and characters

What are you most proud of this afternoon?

I am very proud of making my cha cha slide more efficient

What was the hardest part of this afternoon?

it was trying to get the right commandments and right movement 

I over came it by try harder and concentrated 


Computing with Mr. Jeffreys…




image ← This is a picture of my                                                                                                                  programme.


I can now make my monster move and talk and also save it in my very own file.I am very proud of knowing how to actually use Scratch and also i found out that the background could be your face if you go on camera but only go on camera on Scratch. The hardest part of this afternoon is making sure that my programme is all in time.

Computing on scratch

You can compute a character on scratch and you can do different things like making it move left right up and down to create a dance 

I am  most proud of learning all of the different things to make my very own dance on scratch 

It was most hardest to find the right character for the dance I was creating  so that what i found hardest 

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Scratch Computing


We can Computer Character on scratch you can create a dance or making it move and fly and move it left and right.

I Am most proud of making my character move and dance and next time I could improve by using the cords to tell were it is going

The Most Hardest part of the lesion was learning how to use the Glide And the cords

Scratch for ICT

In ICT we have been using scratch so timagehese are some questions we had to answer:

  1. What can you program the computer to do now? To glide different places and put characters in the script.
  2. What are you most proud of this afternoon? Getting my song nearly done with only a bit of help.
  3. What was the hardest part of this afternoon?How did you overcome this? I struggled with putting in new character but now I asked my friend and I will always remember it.   

Scratch dancing


I can now programme a character to dance.

I am proud that I can move animation to follow instructions for dance moves.

The hardest part was finding the right control to move the character.

To get through all of it I tried it on the animation to see if it works and read what it says on the control.

Our I.C.T Lesson!

Today, our class have been working on a project, on a program called Scratch, https://scratch.mit.edu/  .  We have 3 questions we need answer, so here we go!

1. What can you program the computer to do? I can make the computer do anything I can image, all thanks to Scratch!

2. What are you most proud of this afternoon? I am most proud of my different stick men changing to make it realistic!

3. What was the hardest part of this afternoon? The hardest part of the project was finding the right blocks!

computing with Mr Jeffery’s on scratch

cha cha slide dance             THIS IS MY WORK ON SCRATCH



I can now program the computer to to move left and right, to hide and show and to make talk and make sounds.


I am proud of the way i actually made it do the dance how i wanted it to.


The hardest part was making it exactly as the dance and getting the right things at the right time as the dance. I kept on trying because when i first tied scratch i did not do well.


CoveritLive Session

Live Blog Reading and Bury

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Christmas Production!!!

This year at school we are doing snow white as our Christmas production, every ones so excited. These are the main parts:

snow white: Banita                                             doc (dwarf): Sasha             grumpy (dwarf): Viona

prince: Aj                                                             dopey (dwarf): Olivia          happy (dwarf): CJ

king: Lewis                                                           bashful (dwarf): Ellie f

queen: Shanika                                                    sneezy (dwarf): Hailey

witch: Kiera and Sarah                                         sleepy (dwarf): Momen


whistle while you work it, did i mention, rotting to the core, 3 party songs, hard knock life, better when I’m dancing.

We all ready have been working so hard, so if you know any ideas that we could use comment it but it has to be different with twists!

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Netball team

In the 10/11/2015 Manor primary team WON in the netball team! At the start of the match Moorland took off with one goal, then Manor primary raced across and pulled one goal back. In the end the score was an amazing 12-1. It was extra special as this was the first time that there has EVER been a competitive game in Netball at Manor Primary. We are in a league table and with that win we now have three points! At the end of the game we celebrated with a friendly hand shake!

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Diwali (festival of lights)

Diwali is the festival of light and Hindu’s celebrate it. They paint Rangoli patterns on the front of their door step to welcome their goddess Lakshmi to their home so she can bless their home’ family and individual selves.
well Lakshmi is the goddess of health and wealth. Hindu’s worship her to be blessed with wealth and health for eternity.
Diva lamps are decorated lamp holders (because it is the festival of light) Some are made from clay and some are metal. The people make it by hand with clay and decorate it with some paint and gems.

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Today in history we learnt about Gandhi and discussed whether he is a historical hero or a vicious villain. We all had different opinions about him but in my opinion he is a hero because he freed the Indians from the British and led a non- violent civil campaign.


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In art we have been doing something called perspective. The class loved doing about it, if you don’t now what it is i will tell you……perspective is when it gets smaller and also its 3D,when it gets smaller that’s when it looks like its far away so when you do it BIGGER that’s when it looks really close. People say that perspective needs lots of skill but our class created a little city and they all looked pretty good! You can do it with tutorials as well so you can try it at home!!!  


Have all you people heard about the super moon? The moon turned red one day really early in the morning and that they found water on  Mars.  Does this mean that there is real living things in space??

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manors got talent

Manors Got Talent is a time of year where all the student who want to participate will work and practice to perform an act in front of the school. Sometimes there are a duet, solo or group to try and make it in to the final round and this year i am going to do a solo and magic trick. It would mean a lot to get into the final round!!!!!!!!!

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Cooking Home Work By Kiera

On Wednesday 7th October, after school i made a stir fry at my club, it was a competition. It was very easy as all the ingredients were there. The first things to go in were the Carrots and couchette, the had to cook a bit first. Then we added corn and pea pods, after that a small carrot nearly burnt. When we added the chicken (corn actually) along with the sauce. After we added the noodles, curly kale and mixed it up. We served it up on a plate with a tiny bit of kale and some peppers. We then got some water for the judges and my group won. We even got to try it.

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new things that make our school even better!

i’m going to be telling you some new things that make are school even better. lets start of with 5/6. In 5/6 we have got a amazing new kitchen which has replaced the ICT suit  were we will cook our tastiest treats also the corridors have been painted so they look awesome. Next up is 3/4 they have also got there corridors painted. Next is years 1/2 they are very lucky as there old cloakroom has been turned into a fantastic new classroom and it looks amazing and that is all the new things that make are school even better.   


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In science we are learning about space. The other day during our science lesson, Miss Lowe asked us write down all the facts we already know about the solar system. So I decided to share with you some of the facts I know. Enjoy!

There are 8 planets altogether called: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.     Neptune is the furthest planet away from the sun, which makes it super cold.     The sun is actually a massive star.     A year on Mars is 687 days.     It takes a whole day for Earth to do a whole spin once.     It takes a month for the Moon to orbit Earth once.     It takes a whole year for Earth to orbit the Sun once, that is why we have a year.     It may seem a bit crazy, but it takes Neptune 164.79 years to orbit the Sun.     Venus is the same size as Earth, however it spins the opposite way.     Uranus somehow was nocked on its side, which means it now has to spin on its side.

I hope you liked the facts!

Wrote by Penny W

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The island

One lived a man but not like us he lived on a silent deserted island until a boat washed ashore and in that boat people had come the poor unclothed man was happy as finally someone had come to live with him on the poor deserted island. But the locals weren’t as happy about him than the man was about the new locals. The locals didn’t want him on the island as he looked different from everyone else the locals had an idea to send him back into the sea on his hand made raft that he had sailed on to get to the island but then one voice rose if the fisherman as he said not to send him of to the ocean as they were very dangerous and simply was a cradle of death. Eventually they had decided to shove him into the goat pen far on the other side of the island were he had no food or water and only some hay to make his bedding. One day when the men were at work the stranger appeared the men grabbed him shouted in his face but the poor stranger was only trying to tell them that he was Hungary and ha sent eat for days, then again the fisherman’s voice rose from the others and explained now that they had took him in it was also there responsibility to look after him so if he could work he can also earn his keep and he would also work for less. So the man went to the inn and helped make the food but no one would want to eat the food that he made it would put everyone off, neither did the carpenter as he was way to weak and didn’t know how to use a hammer or a saw and not did the priest as his voice would clash with all the others in the quire. As he didn’t get a job they decided to lock him up in the goat pen with scraps to eat and also placed guards to make sure he didn’t escape again. Rumours began to spread like the man eat bones and fear was spread across the island. Teachers gave lectures about him he was also used as a threat and nobody liked him. Then one day it came to a decision that they would get rid of the man for once and for all although the fisherman tried to stop them they didn’t listen they tied him up and through him on a boat and set fire to it, the locals said that they would never eat from the sea that brought them that man. The locals also built a huge tall wall guarding the island so no one could get in or out and that was the end of the island.

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What’s Happening

So today I came on the blog, and I thought what am I going to post today? Well, there are a couple of things that are going on. Firstly, I’m going camping on Saturday, from Cubs, and just for 1 night! Secondly, I STILL like sharks, how is that possible? Loving sharks for 3 years, totally OMG!

Next, I’m starting to be a bit more, well, modern let’s say, because I am using my Xbox One to edit this post, and hopefully it comes through. After that, my little brother is SSSSOOOOOOOO ANNOYING, if I haven’t told you, he loves Spider-Man, litterly, half of my room is about Spider-Man and Transformors, which he like as well, so yeah, he’s annoying. On the other hand, we are learning about heros and villains at school, what’s your favourite superhero/villain, put in the comments?

So it’s the end of this post, and yeah, see you later, BYE! 👊

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The Island Review

>Now that we have finished the book, can you add your thoughts? 
What did you enjoy about the book? 
Is there parts that you disliked? 
Which characters do you think you could empathise with?
What do you think actually happened to the Fisherman and the Man?
How did life continue on the Island after?
What was the effect of some of the images on the reader?
Can you comment on any similarities or differences in todays world?

Our Flags

We love writing posts and we love it even more when we get comments. Last week we got a comment from someone in the Seychelles. It is amazing to know that we have an audience out there, reading our posts. Every time we get a new flag we add to our display in the classroom and find out a little bit about the country.

At the moment the Seychelles is our favourite flag!


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This week our Countdown challenge is from Jim.

Can you make the total of 11 using the numbers 100, 75, 25 and 2? – You can only use them once!
You can use any operations, but remember you may need to use brackets!


Is there more than one way to do it?
Post solutions in the comments!

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my sisters performance

On Saturday the 26th it was an awesome day because my big sister (Layla who is 13) went to somewhere to perform her singing. She was given usefull feedback and was told she was amazing but they asked her if she could she dance. She wasn’t too keen on dancing. However it was a really good opportunity and now she know what it feels like and what she needs to work towards.

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Today Miss.Lowe told us that we are going to be going to @Bristol.  A couple of years ago both my sisters went with the school and they said it was the best experience they had had with the school.  Miss Lowe showed us this video and I though it looked pretty awesome…..


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Heroes and Villains

On Friday it was our class Assembly and we were looking at the charterer Maleficent.  We based our Assembly on her as she was a hero and a villain but we did something a bit like a cat walk. First we had some heroes then we had some villains . I was a person who spoke about the villains then Maleficent came on so we had heroes and villains and some one who was both hero and villain!

click on her picture





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